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About the Treatment

About Vasi Therapy


What does Vasi Therapy treat


About the Treatments


About the Siddhas 

About the Treatment


Before the initial treatment, we will have a talk about the condition for which you are seeking treatment. Since Vasi therapy is based on a holistic approach to health, we will also speak about subjects such as your general health, other ailments you may have, your lifestyle and so on.


The treatment depends on your disease/disorder. The number of treatments needed also varies according to your condition. One or a few treatments may be sufficient for acute problems, while chronic ailments usually require more treatments.


Some of the types of treatments in Vasi therapy:


Varma Therapy: During the treatment you either sit on a chair or lie down on a massage table, while I work with vital points (varmams) on your body with my hands. This can cause a little discomfort, but at the same time most people find that the treatment is relaxing.


Amritha Kalai: During the treatment you lie down on a massage table and relax, while I place my hands lightly at different places on your body. A blanket will be provided to cover your body for extra comfort.


Varma Nerve Massage: Therapeutic oil massage. The duration of a full body massage is 2 hours.


Adangal Massage: Therapeutic oil massage. The duration of a full body adangal massage is 3 hours.


In order to support the treatments, you may get recommendations for diet and herbal supplements, exercise instructions etc.


For more information about the different types of treatments, go to “About Vasi Therapy”.