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Ayurvedic Massage

The Ayurvedic Massage is a very relaxing and revitalizing full body massage which comes from Kerala in India. The massage consists of long, firm and soothing strokes, and other massage techniques which work locally on muscles, tendons etc. Vital points and energy pathways in the body are also worked on whereby blockages are removed and internal organs are stimulated.

The massage is adjusted to individual wishes and needs, for example by having more focus on areas with tense muscles.


During the treatment you lie down on a massage table in a well heated room. The massage is done at a slow pace with warm organic oil, used plentifully, which penetrates deep into the tissues in the body, where it nourishes and removes accumulated toxins.


During the massage your body is partly covered with towels and sheets and you are dressed in underwear. You can either wear your own underwear or disposable underwear which is available. When the massage is done, you continue to lie down and relax for approximately ten minutes. It is recommended to take a shower afterwards. Towels, shampoo and body wash are provided.