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Siddha Vasi Therapy

About Siddha Vasi Therapy


What does Siddha Vasi Therapy treat


About the Treatments


About the Siddhas

About Siddha Vasi Therapy


The Siddha system is an ancient knowledge system, which comes from Tamil Nadu in South India. The system has various branches of knowledge such as Siddha Medicine, Siddha Varma (vital point therapy), Yoga and Astronomy.

There are several different lineages within the Siddha tradition. The healing methods are distinguished from one Siddha lineage to the other.

Siddha Vasi Therapy is a therapeutic system within the Siddha tradition, which is developed and systematised by Siddha Healer Pal Pandian from Tamil Nadu.

According to the Siddha system, diseases and disorders are caused by energy imbalances in the body, which means that the life-energy is not flowing as it should in the body’s energy pathways and vital points (energy points).


In Vasi Therapy imbalances are corrected using three treatment approaches, which are:

-Varma Therapy

-Kalari Therapeutics

-Amritha Kalai


Which treatments that are used depends on the disease/disorder and individual factors.


The life-energy, which flows in the body’s energy pathways and vital points (respectively called nadis and varmams in the Siddha system), is the underlying force behind all functions in the human organism. Therefore the root of the problem is dealt with when diseases are treated by correcting imbalances in the body’s energy system.



Varma Therapy


Varmams (vital points), which are located along the energy pathways in the body, at or near major nerve plexuses, endocrine glands, joints, important blood vessels etc., are responsible for all vital functions in the body. They contain large amount of life-energy, which at these points is called vital force. The vital force/life-energy is therapeutically more accessible at the varmams and stimulation of the concentrated vital force has a strong healing effect.


Varma therapy consists of using specific types of pressure and massage on varmams which are related to a disease or disorder. By this the vital force is stimulated and blockages in the varmams concerned are removed, whereby the flow of energy in the body is brought into balance and healing takes place.



Kalari Therapeutics


This approach includes several types of treatments, such as gentle manipulation, adangal massage and varma nerve massage (narambu murichal).


Adangal massage and varma nerve massage are traditional therapeutic oil massages for body, mind and spirit. Among other things, the massages help to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, relax muscles and remove blockages in the energy system, thereby giving improved health, increased wellbeing and renewed energy.

Varma nerve massage is given both as preventive/health-promoting treatment and in relation to some diseases and disorders.

Adangal massage is only given in relation to certain diseases and disorders.

Depending on the disease/disorder, the massages are either given as full body massage or local massage.



Amritha Kalai


Amritha Kalai is unique to the Siddha lineage of Healer Pal Pandian. In this treatment the nadis (energy pathways) in the body are worked with by means of the Universal Vasi Energy. This is a very efficient way to bring the life-energy into balance and thereby cure a disease or disorder.



Other approaches


Imbalance in the body’s energy system is, among other things, caused by accidents, inappropriate thought patterns, lifestyle and/or environmental factors. If one is receiving treatment for a disease which, for example, is caused by lifestyle factors, these factors will be attended to, to make sure that the disease does not come back.


The treatments may also be supplemented by exercise instructions, recommendations for herbal supplements etc.